As an insurance adjuster for the past twenty years, I have met literally thousands of people in this world.  I visit people's homes on a daily basis and am constantly surprised at how wrong my initial perception of of them really is.  I feel such a rush of pride leaving their home after visiting with them and learning their story of where they have been or who they have become.  I am grateful that I have learned to not ever judge a book by it's cover rather listen and learn.  Life is beautiful and so are people.

01/17/2015 - The process begins. After many years of thinking, I have decided to start doing.  Getting out in the world and actually take time to speak with people.  People of all backgrounds, without judgement, without preconceived ideas, but with compassion.  On the first day of this journey I quickly learned the world is filled with many different types of people.  What I still believe is that we are all one people, with one desire and that each of us has an issue of some kind.  How we deal with those issues is another story.


A  project to promote humankind